Caribbean Stud Rules

by enzoforza on December 6, 2011

Caribbean Stud is not only an incredibly fun game, but it can also be a bit confusing as there are quite a few rules to be sure that you follow. Don’t worry though, as these rules are pretty straight forward, and Caribbean Stud is a game that’s not incredibly tough to pick up either. We are going to take a look at some of the rules of Caribbean Stud, and also take a look more in-depth at the game in general. Whether you are playing Caribbean Stud online, or playing in a live casino, these are some important rules to follow, so we’ll be sure to go fully into them.

Right off the bat players will be asked to put their antes in to start the action. Players are also asked if they want to participate in the jackpot, which will require a separate bet in a specific place on the table. If you do not win the jackpot bet, it will be taken right away, and the play will then continue on to finish the remainder of the hand. After all antes are in, the dealer will deal out five cards to each player at the table, with themselves included.

When all the cards are dealt out to the table, the dealer will have one card turned over. Players can only look at their own cards, and will then decide whether or not they want to play their hand. Players are not allowed to show their cards to other players at the table, because it could potentially affect how a player decides to play the remainder of the hand. If you choose to bet, then you have to bet exactly double the size of your original ante bet. If you fold, the ante is collected by the dealer.

The dealer will then turn over their four cards after all players have made their decision. The dealer has to qualify to be able to beat any of the remaining players in the hand, which would mean that the dealer must have at least A-K high. If the dealer does not have at least A-K high in their hand, then every player remaining in the hand is paid for their ante, and will get a push on their bet. If the deal does end up qualifying with at least A-K, then hands are put up against the dealer and the winners are paid out from there. Winners are paid straight on their ante, and will receive odds on their hand for their regular bet.

As far as the Progressive Jackpot bet goes, you must have at least a flush or higher in order to win that bet, and you will receive the odds that are listed on the specific site or at the live casino that you are playing at. Players are still paid on the jackpot if they hit it and the dealer has a better hand. The same cannot be said about your original ante and original bet, because if the dealer ends up not qualifying, then you will get paid regular on your ante no matter what you are holding. So if you have a flush and the dealer does not qualify, you will not get the odds on your main bet for it.

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