BetOnline Poker Review

by enzoforza on November 13, 2012

BetOnline poker is one of the newest USA facing poker sites which gets mixed reviews from a wide variety of professionals. We are going to tackle this right now and give you the right conclusion if you should consider playing poker here or not. Although BetOnline claims to be a unique and on it’s own we tend to disagree as they are hosted by the same software provider as Action Poker Network. This is not a terrible thing however BetOnline should be more honest and transparent with us in regards to the company in general.

Currently BetOnline Poker is licensed and regulated in Costa Rica which is known to offer a large variety of gambling licences to businesses. They happen to be one of the easiest gambling juristictions to get approved for such and with a such license shows you they are somewhat interested in offering fair poker play. I personally do not value this license as reputable as a gambling license from Antigua which requires a much higher standard in general.

BetOnline Poker Customer Service: The customer service provided from BetOnline is pretty decent which includes 24/7 support 365 days a year. You can reach BetOnline by over the phone, live chat, or email in which they typically respond within 24 hours. This is not as fast as other higher rated poker sites but is better than average.

BetOnline Poker Deposit Options: This is where Betonline really beats out competitors in the online poker market. Currently BetOnline offers more deposit options than any other poker site online so if your having difficulty finding a poker site to accept your funds you will not have this issue here. Below is the full list of deposit options they will offer you as a customer.

  • Visa, One of the easiest deposit methods.
  • MasterCard, A tad harder to get approved than a Visa Card but still easy to get funded with one.
  • Moneybookers, This is one of the easiest ways to fund and the deposit limit is incredibly huge at $50,000.00 for each deposit.
  • Neteller, Another very solid deposit option it’s a shame however USA members cannot use this deposit method.
  • Bank wire, These tend to take awhile to be credited however with this option there is no limit if your a high stakes poker member.
  • Check, One of my favorite ways to deposit. Your able to deposit up to $24,900 per deposit and is safe and effective.
  • Money Order, One of the methods anyone can truly use however note these take time to get credited to your account as you will be waiting for it to hit the office in Costa Rica.
  • E check, Similar as a check deposit but these are instant and by far the most popular way of funding your poker account at BetOnline.
  • Book2Book Transfer, If you have fund at another gambling operation they might be able to offer you a “in house” transfer in which your funds will be debited from one and credited to another.

BetOnline Poker Withdrawal Options: These withdrawal methods are very similar to the deposit options however you need to remember if you deposit with a debit or credit card BetOnline will first issue a refund on your deposit amount back to your card then will allow you to choose a withdrawal method on the rest. Currently Withdrawal times with BetOnline are a tad slower then a majority of other poker sites.

  • Check, Up to $2,500 per transaction they also charge a $30 processing fee.
  • Neteller, Up to $8,000 per transaction easy to cash out with the Neteller debit card. They also don’t charge a withdrawal fee for this method.
  • Bank wire, Your able to receive up to $15,000 per request with this option and includes a $75 fee to use this service.
  • Western Union, One of the quickest ways to get paid but be warned the fees for these types of withdraws are insanly high.
  • Eco Card, you may request up to $100,000 per transaction.

BetOnline Poker Games: While being on the Action Poker Network one thing you don’t have to be worried about is the amount of players and poker games available to you. This goes hand in hand for small players and high stakes players alike. If your looking for penny hands or $5,000 hands there will be tables available for you to play in.

  • Omaha, BetOnline offers Hi/Lo and regular Omaha poker with any stake of your choice.
  • Seven Card Stud, BetOnline offers a variety of table games which include the Hi/Lo, Razz, and Five Card stud versions.
  • Texas Hold’em, The most popular poker game is obviously offered here. The limits have a huge variety difference from a few pennies to thousands of dollars. This includes fixed games and no limit.

BetOnline Poker Tournaments: I can’t think of one poker site that offers the amount of variety of poker tournaments in a month like BetOnline does. They really do a solid job when it comes to this and there is no way we can list every single special or tournament they offer. Here is a list of the more popular tournaments you can join and in with that in mind remember they guarantee over $150,000 in prize money each and every day.

  • Daily FreeRoll Tournament, each and everyday BetOnline offers freeroll tournaments in which you can win thousands of dollars. The tournaments are located in the tournament tab.
  • Guaranteed Prize Tournament, again these are located in the tab which list the guaranteed amount of prizes if you shall reach the top few spots.
  • Turbo Tuesday Tournament, one of my favorite tournaments in which you win decent prizes with a small playing field.
  • Gladiator Tournament, this is the “big daddy” for BetOnline which basically insures someone a very deep prize winning if they hold on in the series.

BetOnline Poker Promotions: This is another interesting topic in which BetOnline does extremely well in. No matter what type of bonus your looking for as a new signup or reload offer BetOnline is competitive in this area. They live by the better bonus guarantee which includes some details on a lifetime bonus which guarantees you to receive that bonus as a player for life.

One of the better promotions ran by BetOnline is the Pop Points that can be redeemed for tourmants in which poker players earn a fortune by staying alive in them. These are really fun to play for the record and I have seen many thousands of dollar winners come from these promotion tournaments being offered at BetOnline.

BetOnline Gambling Options: If you enjoy playing casino games or betting on sports this is another benefit for joining with BetOnline today. Currently your able to play a vast majority of casino games like Blackjack, Roulette, and your favorite slots for fun or real money. Including is sportsbetting in which you are able to wager high limits on all major sporting events.

BetOnline Poker Overall Opinion: I cannot give these guys a rating they might want to have however with this being said I still think they are a viable top 3 poker site to join. They really need to work on some sections for the interest of poker players worldwide. BetOnline needs to work on cash out times so players don’t have to wait a month to get paid using a bank wire or check. I have had international players tell me payouts have been only taking a few days with options like Neteller so not all is lost.

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