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by enzoforza on March 8, 2012

We all enjoy playing poker but rather than just joining the first poker site that comes your way we highly recommend you do some research here before joining one. In this article we will be going over why we recommend Carbon Poker and will go into great detail with what they offer and the reasons for joining them. The following information below will help you get a better idea on why Carbon Poker should be your number one poker company.

Carbon poker is a registered and licensed poker room from the world’s largest and fastest growing poker network Merge Gaming. The network constantly goes through extensive test and security checks from the Kahnawake Gaming Commission in which they are currently licensed from. To be licensed from this Gaming Commission you must agree to monthly and random security checks to insure fair game play. We are proud to announce they have never failed any check unlike other poker sites have.

We bring up a great point above regarding fair and secure poker play. When the news came out several major poker sites was in the process of cheating players with their hard earned money we almost decided to leave the poker industry and pursue other options. After careful consideration we knew we just couldn’t leave friends and guest from the search engines into rogue poker sites so we decided to pursue in promoting good poker rooms and exposing shady ones.

Carbon Poker Customer Service:  To ensure players have a positive experience Carbon has went the extra mile when it comes to helping members who have questions or concerns. You can reach carbon poker by email 24 hours a day seven days a week and usually respond within a couple hours. They do list on their website it can take up to 48 hours to receive a response but we are happy to mention that has never been the case when we have needed assistance.

Carbon Poker Deposit Options: After you join Carbon Poker you will have the option to play poker for free or start winning real money. Carbon has many banking options for you that make it easy to deposit with them. We have enclosed below the options you may use when you’re ready to fund your poker account.

  • Visa, A great option for card poker players.
  • MasterCard, A bit harder to get approved but most have no issue getting the receipt approval.
  • Moneybookers, Very easy to use and load with.
  • Webmoney, I have never used this option but hear good reports with it.
  • Click2Pay, Another easy deposit method with low fees which also accepts USA members.
  • EcoCard, Convenient, safe, and easy to withdraw from.
  • Neteller, This method is not available to USA members however great for everyone else.
  • ClickandBuy, Rates on depositing and withdrawing are good.
  • Pay Safe Card, This is another option we have never used but assume they are good.
  • Instadebit, Solid reputation in the gambling market.

Carbon Poker Withdrawal Options: After you have won some money or need your poker money quickly you’re in great hands with Carbon Poker. Even though history has shown “the larger the room the slower the payout” that is not the case with these guys. Carbon somehow is able to constantly get you your money in a timely fashion. Unlike other poker rooms that can take up to 90 days for you to receive your money they can usually get it done within 10 days sometimes even quicker depending on your location.  Below is a list Carbon recommends to you while requesting a payout.

  • EcoCard, you may request up to $100,000 per transaction.
  • Instadebit, Up to $10,000 per transaction with no transaction fees ever charged to you.
  • Neteller, Up to $10,000 per transaction easy to cash out with the Neteller debit card.
  • Moneybookers, Also known as Skrill and can cash out up to $10,000 each time.
  • Ukash, You’re allowed to cash out up to $300 for each request.

Carbon Poker Games: One of the best benefits playing poker at Carbon is the option of games you can play. Unlike some other poker sites they allow you to play for free or real money on all the games. Along with being able to play they also have the largest and smallest hand plays available which include high stakes and low stakes players alike. Here is a list of quality poker games you may play no matter the time or day of the week.

  • Texas Hold’em, Carbon offers high and low stakes limit, no limit, and pot limit Texas Hold’em poker.
  • Omaha, Carbon offers Hi/Lo and regular Omaha poker with any stake of your choice.
  • Seven Card Stud, Another great offering from Carbon that also offers Seven Card Hi/Lo, Razz, and Five Card stud.
  • Badugi, Carbon offers this form of play however usually no more than a 100 play at one time.
  • Triple Draw, This poker game has grown significantly at Carbon with almost any type of limit to play.

Carbon Poker Tournaments: Not all poker players enjoy playing just regular types of poker games they like the opportunity to win tournaments. If it is the great prizes that come out from it or maybe the bragging rights a great amount of members decide to play poker tournaments only. Carbon Poker has a huge list of tournaments you may join. Below is a list of what they are currently offering to you.

  • Ladies Only Guaranteed Tournament’s, this is a tournament carbon offers that’s under the “Special” tab which is a ladies only type of NL Holdem. Usually they include a guaranteed prize pool and fill up fast.
  • Haiti Charity Poker Tournament, this shows the class Carbon Poker operates as they believe in helping people in need. The winner still receives the prize pool but all fees are donated to the Haiti organization.
  • Satellite Tournament’s, Carbon enjoys offering satellite type of tournaments where the winner gets a token or coupon towards the next major satellite event. The final event for the satellite tournament is the $100,000 challenge which makes anyone in the top very wealthy and lucky people.
  • VIP Tournaments, One of my favorite types of tournaments where Carbon Poker respects their repeating and regular players with free cash.
  • Free roll Tournaments, Carbon also appreciates new clients and every now and then will host a free roll tournament where the top 50 or so receive free cash from the prize pool.
  • Poker Maximus Tournaments, This is Carbons most recent tournament series this year. With over 1.5 million up for grabs it is already getting known to be the “tournament of tournaments”. One of the great features about this tournament is the fact you can win it all for as little as 55 cents.

Carbon Poker Promotions: If you like bonuses or promotions then Carbon Poker is the place for you. They offer a bunch of great bonuses that range from signup bonuses to free coupons for particular tournaments. Currently Carbon Poker is offering each new guest up to $600 free. To receive this real money for free all you need to do is match the bonus and meet the vip points which you receive during your time playing poker. Every time you earn 75 points Carbon Poker automatically credits your account $5 no matter if you’re winning or losing. Along with having this opportunity you’re also eligible to play in the Daily $500 New Depositor Free roll. Here is a few other great bonuses you receive just by playing poker at Carbon!

  • Royal Flush Bonus, This is a unique and special bonus you will not find anywhere else. No matter what size or type of holdem ring game you might be playing if you hit a royal flush you automatically receive a free cash bonus up to $500. This is a great bonus to have considering there is a chance the people you’re playing against might fold to quick and you receive very little for such a nice hand.
  • Quad Pyramid Prize, This is another unique payout prize Carbon Poker offers. Depending on your vip level you will get an instant cash prize loaded into your account. This prize is not automatically credited to your account you will have to email support with a screenshot to receive this prize.
  • Free Poker Training, Carbon has a history of hiring the finest of poker coaches to help educate you on becoming a better or pro poker player. To receive personal video training from up to 30 poker pros all you need to do is rake up to $1 in fees. This is probably the best promotion you really can receive anywhere if you’re trying to educate yourself on playing the game of poker.

Carbon Poker Gaming Software:  The finest poker and gambling software available to you and I comes from Carbon Poker. Some of the great features include the ability to communicate with other members, rabbit the hand to see what you would have got, along with the ability to use smileys. Sometimes we forget about the great options they offer which also include the multi poker screen option. Yes, I do from time to time enjoy playing more than one table at once. My personal favorite feature is the ability to use a time bank if you need more time to think about the hand. The time bank is limited so you will not have to worry about excessive time delays either.

Carbon Poker Casino Options: Unlike other poker rooms Carbon allows you to entertain yourself while waiting for tournaments to start. If you have an itch or possibly interested in playing other casino games Carbon now offers this to you. Here is a list of quality casino games carbon poker allows you to play.

  • Roulette, Carbon offers great limits if you enjoy playing the game of roulette. They use the 37 ball table which gives you better odds then other casinos that offer two zeros. The speed and quality of the game is good and have had lucky playing it.
  • Blackjack, You can bet as low as $1 or up to $200 on the blackjack table. Carbon also offers the “auto play” option where they hit/stand for you on your hands based on the best strategy.
  • Caribbean Stud, Along with all the other progressive’s Carbon Poker offers on their site you can also possibly win the Caribbean stud progressive. The cost to win the progressive is $1 per hand and you can risk up to $50 per game.
  • Video Poker, It only makes since that Carbon Poker offers the finest of video poker. Currently you can play Joker Poker, Deuces Wild and Jacks or Better. Each game has the opportunity to play up to 25 hands at once and win great cash prizes.

Carbon Poker Tips: Everyone I ask enjoys playing poker at Carbon Poker and I thought it would be a great idea to list some quality tips for playing here. I think everyone should take advantage of the poker training Carbon offers all clients. It will not cost you a dime and the information you learn from it is very fruitful. If you get impatient waiting for a particular tournament to play take a dip into the casino games they offer. They are fun and actually pay out really well. And finally probably the biggest tip anyone can offer anyone is, “don’t lose money you cannot afford to lose”.

Carbon Poker Overall Opinion: The finest and best online poker site. We appreciate you taking your time and reading this article on finding out about Carbon Poker. Now that you realize they are by far the best poker room for you all you need to do is join and start playing.  Click here to sign up an account on their website or download carbon poker software directly. Good luck at the tables I hope to see you there soon.

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