Caribbean Stud Strategy

by enzoforza on December 6, 2011

Caribbean Stud is quickly becoming one of the most popular games out there, whether it be in the online casino world, or in a live casino.  Many people have began picking up the game and learning how to play it, and we are here today to give some tips and strategy behind playing this casino game.  While Caribbean Stud is a Poker game, it is played differently than other popular poker games like Hold’em Poker and Seven Card Stud.  You can get some nice bonuses paid out, and also hit some pretty hot streaks if you know how to play this game as well.  Right off the bat, one thing to remember is that while you are trying to get the highest hand possible, Ace-King high is actually the lowest hand possible.  This is where we get into the strategy aspect, as you should instantly fold any hand that does not include at least Ace-King high.  If you were to bet, you would lose both your ante and your bet if the dealer ends up qualifying.

Another point to look at is what to do when you are holding the minimum hand that you want to play with, in A-K.  The decision that you have to make about whether or not to call should then be based on the dealer’s card that you can see.  If the card that is showing is an Ace or a King, it is obviously more likely that they will be able to qualify than if they had any other random card showing.  It is important to remember that if you and the dealer end up having the same hand, then it will result in a push, but if their high hand is better than yours, you will lose everything.  So in this situation, it is better to simply fold your A-K if the dealer has either an Ace or King showing, but you can call if it is an off card showing.

Now to take a look at the situation of when you are holding a pair in your hand.  To break it down simply, you should be calling with any pair out there.  Regardless of if you have a pair of Ace’s or a pair of two’s, you should call.  The reason for this is because you are going to win more often than you will lose with a pair, and it is actually about 58% of the time that you will end up winning the hand when you hold a pair.  It is important to be sure to stay consistent with playing these pairs, even if you hit a down swing and lose a few in a row, because in the long run it will work out on the positive side of things!

Last but not least, we are going to talk about the Progressive Jackpots that are offered in Caribbean Stud games.  The idea behind the Jackpots is that they are a side bet that you must play in order to win the bonuses, and the jackpot.  This additional bet will only pay out if you hit the top percentage of hands, and if you don’t hit them then your bet is taken.  The jackpot is not hit very often, so it is recommended to avoid this bet because of the potential to lose your bet consistently which can definitely affect your bankroll.  Now, if you are swinging for the fences and attempting to go for the big score, then the extra bet on the side could be worth a shot for you.  But, in terms of standard strategy, if you are a grinder who is looking to pull out consistent results, then just stick with the regular game.

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