by enzoforza on October 1, 2014

Recent reports say that Dan Cates’ has been accusing high stakes poker phenom Tom Dwan of refusing to finish or even continue the “durrrr challenge”. It’s unknown if the challenge will continue as Cates’ says that Dwan is not being cooperative.

Could Durrrr be busto?

  Jungleman is holding a $1,500,000.00 lead over about 20,000 hands played. There are about 30,000 hands left to play to complete the action. Dwan would need to go on a real heater to make up the ground he has lost, or he will owe another $1.5M for losing the challenge. This could lead to a $3M+ dent in the high stakes pros  bankroll.

Cates, in order to prod Dwan into playing, has Dwan agreeing to a $40k penalty for every 2 months that there are no hands played. Tom has racked up a staggering $300k in penalties alone.

Tom Dwan Dwan MIA ?

My money is on Durrrr offering a buyout to save some face.

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